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Free grade 3 math worksheets

Welcome to our site and all this page contains the grade 3 math worksheets. Choose your worksheets from the list given below and print them, all our worksheets are free for teachers and parents.

Starting at Number Sense (place value and writing large numbers), you can find all worksheets for 3rd grade math including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, fractions, geometry and probability.

Every single worksheet is personally created by math teachers/tutors who have direct experience with kids and understanding of problems and difficulties faced by kids in third grade math. So, we are certain that your child's math skills will improve after working on these worksheets.

Please go down the page and feel free to print the lessons and worksheets for your kids or students and watch their math skills to improve in no time.



Grade 3 math place value worksheets for kids

 Place value to ten thousands 


Print these place value worksheets to get perfect on place value to ten thousands. This is a little workbook on the concept and students need to do all the practice problems given in this e-book.

Free addition worksheets for third grade math

Addition Worksheets

Below are the addition worksheets for grade three students:

Addition worksheet - 1    Addition worksheet - 2    Worksheet No. 3 on addition       Adding worksheet - 4 

Grade three subtracting worksheets and lessons for kids

Subtraction Worksheets

Print the subtraction without and with regrouping worksheets. Grade 3 students need to be very good and subtracting numbers as this is the last year which put most emphasis on learning subtraction skills.

Without regrouping - 1      Without regrouping - 2        Subtraction with regrouping worksheet

Addition and subtraction word problems for 3 grade math students

Addition and subtraction word problems for grade three math

Below are easy to understand and solve addition and subtraction word problems. Print these all to be perfect on solving and understanding word problems in math.

Word problem worksheet - 1               Second worksheet                Worksheets # 3

Key fraction worksheets and lessons for kids

Fraction worksheets for grade 3 math

We have the special site for fractions only. There is whole page full of grade three fraction worksheets. Please visit our specilaity site on fractions for your grade 3 kids or students.

You can go to this site by clicking the link >>>> fraction worksheets grade 3

Grade three math worksheets for free   About Us Page   Site privacy policy. We value site user’s privacy.   Site terms of use